Dennco Brands Introduces SmartFit™

The Fitness Tracker for Every Body

SmartFit Activity Trackers come in various colors with protective cases

Salem, New Hampshire. Dennco Brands announces the introduction of SmartFit™ Fitness Tracker, a wearable device that helps you get fit by tracking and understanding your daily activity.

SmartFit is a flexible, lightweight and tiny “activity tracker” designed to be worn on your body. It tracks your daily activity, measuring your calories burned, steps taken, miles walked and sleep effectiveness.

Fitness Tracker readout on smartphoneThe data collected by the SmartFit wirelessly syncs with the SmartFit App on your smart phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to manage personal data in a user friendly dashboard to track progress and keep motivated by seeing day-to-day improvements.

SmartFit comes with a free App for both iPhone and Android phones. The SmartFit App lets you add friends and family to your Family Network, allowing everyone to check each other’s progress, and boost everyone’s motivation

“There are several fitness trackers in the market, but we have some advantages” said James Dennesen of Dennco Brands, SmartFit’s US Distributor. “SmartFit measures and tracks activity like the others, but does not need recharging and also has a one year memory, at half the retail price”

Dennesen also noted: “We have several models of SmartFit based on how it will be worn, in a wristband, or in a clip that attaches to a pocket, belt, or bra. All models fit in the pocket of Nike and Adidas running shoes”

SmartFit begins shipping from Salem NH November 2014. MSRP ranges from $39.99 to $49.99 depending upon the model. Many color choices are available

Dennco Inc. of Salem, NH has been developing and marketing unique and innovative products for the US sporting goods market since 1981 ( SmartFit was developed by Dennco’s technology partner Sonostar, Inc. ( , Dennco, Inc. exclusive US Distributor.

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