About Dennco Brands

Beginning in 1981 Dennco Inc. earned its reputation as a leading manufacturer and distributor of gifts & accessories in the golf, sporting goods and men’s gift channels, and has been generally recognized as the market leader in innovating and introducing new and unique accessories, and gifts in this class of goods.

In 2011 Dennco exited its Club Champ Golf Accessories business. You may now find Club Champ Golf Accessories and Equipment in the catalog of Golf Gifts and Gallery of Powers Lake, WI. In 2012 Dennco Brands was formed as a new company focusing on the innovative consumer electronics, gift and sporting goods accessories you’ll find on this site, all under the umbrella of Dennco Brands.

The Dennco Brands goal is to continually find and develop new and unique innovations, so we can provide our customers with Quality, Value & Products that Sell!